Nina Woodard is founder and Managing Member of The Lotus Flower Enterprises, LLC (a/k/a A Lotus Blossoms)A�in Upstate New York, and creator of theA�Blissflowa�?A�dance movement practice. A�Nina creates workshops to support inner transformation, upliftment of the heart, and illumination of the soul; and is an advocate for self-empowerment,A�self-realization, and elevation of consciousness . She is a certified Empowerment Trainer receiving her training and certification throughA�the Empowerment Institute located in Hurley, NY, and is currently enrolled at the American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT) studying for her BS in Holistic Ministries. Although she has earned certificates and is studying to receive a degree through AIHT, she also has over twenty years of self-development study and research. Her true qualifications come from what matters most: life experiences, true insight, and helping others.

Mission Statement

A Lotus Blossoms mission is to be an advocate for self-empowerment, self-realization, and elevation of consciousness.

Purpose Statement

A Lotus Blossoms purpose is to create sacred environments for the awakening of one’s true nature.

Jewel in the Lotus

Peace is our natural condition.  Only by believing an untrue thought is it possible to move from peace into emotions like sadness and anger.  Without the pull of beliefs, the mind stays serenely in itself and is available for whatever comes along.
— Byron Katie