“What is Sadhana? Ita��s a committed prayer. It is something which you want to do, have to do, and which is being done by you. a�� Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something which is done to please cheapest tadalafil Pills somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best.”

~Yogi Bhajan


In some ancient traditions, onea��s personal spiritual practice is called Sadhana. A�”The word Sadhana in Sanskrit means ‘an effort exercised towards the achievement of a purpose.’ A�In this sense, every effort is some kind of Sadhana, because it leads to the achievement of some intended goal.” A�It is the foundation of all spiritual undertakings.A� Sadhana is our own personal, individual spiritual effort.A� It can be highly instrumental in helping one to obtain a divine and direct connection to source energy, the universal intelligence, all that is, the higher power, God;A� call it what you will, however, you must call Cheap it forth.A� It can be done as an individual practice or in a group.A� Sadhana is whatever you do consistently to clear your own consciousness so you can relate to the infinity within you. Before you face the world each day, you must do yourself a favor and tune up your nervous system and attune yourself to your highest self, your truest nature. A�A�Examples of spiritual practice may include such things as:A�A� exercise, prayer, meditation, chanting of mantras, study of sacred text, journaling, listening to music, art, fasting, bathing, going on pilgrimage, seva (selfless service), or even onea��s daily work.A� Any one of these practices can be a means by which one raises the altitude in their consciousness; where one can attain a powerful level of awareness, and connect with their true nature.

I love my daily Sadhana and have reaped tremendous benefits from my practice. A�It has taught me how to love myself fiercely (which has enabled me to have a deeper connection in my relations with others), make decisions in my life that would have otherwise immobilized me, given me more clarity about my intentions in life, and has transformed my whole being in ways I never thought were possible…and Purchase I still continue to grow and evolve. A�I know that it would be amazing to share sacred space with others abiding in collective sacred energy, and would like to invite you to do the same with A Lotus Blossoms.A� A Lotus Blossoms creates sacred environments for the deepening of spiritual practice at various locations in the Capital Region.A� If you would like to participate in Sadhana, please contact:A�


A�A way to remember your spirit,

love your spirit, andA�live your spirit .


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Jewel in the Lotus

Peace is our natural condition.  Only by believing an untrue thought is it possible to move from peace into emotions like sadness and anger.  Without the pull of beliefs, the mind stays serenely in itself and is available for whatever comes along.
— Byron Katie