All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.
~A�Martha Graham

Blissflowa�?A� is an experience and a practice of moving freely in perfect joy, supporting participants in the release of stress and tension in the body, restoring the mind, and reconnecting with the spirit in a wonderfully deep-flowing passionate way. Blissflowi??i??i??i??i?? movements come together to create a meditative freestyle dance practice where we meet in the beat, has the power to facilitate personal transformation and self-healing, and is a wonderful opportunity to release the worlds spell and move into a place of connection with one’s true nature. A�We begin with a breathing exercise, we silence the mind, we listen, and then we move the body through three dance movements which will engage the soul; and the finale – silence. A�The Blissflowa�? dance movement class is an uplifting self-empowerment tool, as it compels one to utilize the wisdom within the body to facilitate self-healing.

Cheap The Blissflowa�? movements are: (1) Wildout, (2) Funkgetdown, and (3) Flow. Rather than having steps to follow, each free flow movement, along with the music, creates a lovely space in which the participant finds their own unique expression and way of being on the dance floor. The facilitator is available at all times throughout the movements to support and connect with each participant where they are in the beat. Each movement, along with the music, is there to guide participants in a way that meets their needs for stress release, restoration of the mind, and reconnection with the spirit.

What occurs in Blissflowa�? class? In any particular class, the facilitator will be moving with the energy of the music. For example, in the Wildout segment the music will tend to be more energetic and fast paced. Therefore, the facilitator will gently support participants in making their movements as vigorous as possible in order to obtain the maximum benefit in releasing stress and tension in their bodies. In each movement, and in each class, the possibilities are endless.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.

glucotrol xl generic brand ~Carol Welch

It is said that a�?movement is medicinea��it touches centers of our being beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason and thought formsa�?, and a�?music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday lifea�?. In order for each participant to receive the maximum release, restoration, and reconnection that Blissflowa�? offers, each participant is asked to be open, to move and fully participate, to be present with their body and its needs, to deeply listen while allowing the awesome rhythms and grooves of the music to penetrate their body and soul, and of course, to have fun!

Come…feeling stressed out and tense – leave…feeling blissed out, relaxed and rejuvenated!

If you would like to have online no rx tramadol overnight aA�Blissflowa�? experience, please contact: A�




“It was Pills great to be able to freely move and express myself.”

“I had a lot of fun viagra czech republic with Blissflow, and came home feeling refreshed and vibrant! A�I certainly plan on attending another class…classes. A�The music was amazing, and the atmosphere was positive and peaceful.”


A�Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.
~A�Victor HugoA�

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Peace is our natural condition.  Only by believing an untrue thought is it possible to move from peace into emotions like sadness and anger.  Without the pull of beliefs, the mind stays serenely in itself and is available for whatever comes along.
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